“I took Jeanne Bjorn’s shoe making class (slides) and loved it! The class is well structured and I learned enough so that I will be able to make another pair of shoes on my own. Jeanne is a great teacher and I’d recommend it to everyone.”

“FABULOUS WEEKEND WORKSHOP – I had the great pleasure to travel to Portland and spend a weekend in Jeanne’s beginning hat class. What a treat! She was very welcoming, exceptionally generous with her knowledge and resources and has me completely lit on FIRE for millinery. I go to Portland often to visit family and will be including classes with Jeanne as a regular part of my plans. Simply awesome. Thanks for the great hats, Jeanne!”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for the delightful and informative class I took from you. You are a patient, warm hearted and highly skilled Instructor.”

“ANOTHER GREAT CLASS FROM JEANNE BJORN – Fabric Slides – This is my second class with Jeanne, looking forward to the next! I love her casual teaching style mixed with the structured step-by-step organization of the courses. She’s had so many unique experiences and has great stories to tell! As well as teaching the process of actual shoe making, Jeanne also teaches a bit about the history of the craft. You come away with a really neat experience. It’s like going back in time. I was looking for a creative outlet to balance work stress and get me working with my hands again, the classes have been awesome. I’m addicted…and I’m wearing new shoes. Perfect.”

“GREAT TEACHER – I have now completed a couple of classes with Jeanne, and all have been wonderful. She is patient and knowledgeable, and just lovely to learn from. I actually can’t wait to sign up for another class.”

“I just wanted to write you and tell you how much your class meant to me and how much you inspired me. I am now taking a summer course at FIT in New York and i hope to get into the school for spring quarter. After taking your class I became more in love with shoes and wanted to learn more. I just wanted to let you know that i will be learning more about fashion and shoes all thanks to you. You truly inspired me and i hope to keep in contact with you over the years. Thank you again.”
– Kate Boles

“SUPER FUN CLASS….AND YOU GET NEW SHOES! – If you love shoes and enjoy creating fun, unique, totally wearable accessories, this is a great class for you! One of my friends and I took this class and it was an awesome experience. Jeanne is a great teacher and she is perfect at helping you through this class. If you are overwhelmed by the idea of creating a shoe from scratch, don’t worry, she will walk you through it and make it easy and fun. My friend and I love our shoes and are super excited to wear our own designs!”

“I made a wearable blocked felt hat on the first day!!!! My intent when I signed up for this class, was to develop an intimate understanding of hat making, so that when I purchased hats in the future, I would know what I was buying/paying for. I was thrilled at the end of day one, when I had a wearable felt hat. Jeanne took her years of experience and created a straight forward hat making class that was easy to understand and the techniques she taught in class were easy to apply. I was pleasantly surprised to find that hat making; though detailed is rather straight forward at the beginner level and beginners can make pleasant wearable professional looking hats. I found Jeanne to be personable and helpful as she took the time to show me things as simple as a sewing pick stitch. I actually feel confident enough to make hats on my own at home. I plan on taking more of her hat making classes in the future. I highly recommend this class/instructor. You might want to sign up with a friend or two; as this a a great time to bond!!!”