Millinery Classes and Shoe Classes

Learn the Art of Millinery Design – Take Hat Making Classes in 2020.  Or, even better, learn both Hat Making and Shoe Making in an 8 day workshop in Tucson, Arizona.  Enroll today in 3 and 5 Day Workshop Intensives by Jeanne Bjorn – Professional Fashion Designer, Milliner, Costume Designer and Shoe Maker.

Hat Classes and Shoe Classes are listed on the Current Schedule Page.


“I searched for a millinery teacher who could teach me how to do the most possible in four days. Jeanne is a master milliner with the skills and experience that only many years can provide. She presents the material in a visual, hands-on manner, while providing a wonderfully creative environment. In two days, I made 2 fabulous hats – a straw hat and a silk hat for my daughters wedding. In a world where quality and exquisite craftsmanship are fading away, Jeanne keeps a deep commitment and models the highest standards. All this and it was lots of fun too. I recommend this course wholeheartedly.”

-Bev Ross