Millinery Course B100

Blocking with Felt and Straw – In this class, you will work with felt and straw using hat blocks. You will learn couture finishing techniques. You will also learn free form sculpting using steam and added objects to create shape; as well as useful techniques for changing hat size and applying trims.

Prerequisite: None

Millinery Class B101

Building Hat Blocks – This is an advanced class, giving participants focused and supervised instruction on how to build their own brim block. We will cover design, patterning, shaping, wiring, strengthening the form, then blocking it for a completed hat.

Prerequisite: B100

Hat Course B102

This class helps to eliminate the need for a hat block to make a hat. This is an advanced course, giving participants instruction on how to design and construct their own brim using couture techniques. We will work with both straw and felt.

Prerequisite: B100

Hat Class P100

Soft Hat Patterning and Construction – This is a beginning pattern making and construction course, giving participants instruction on how to draft patterns, choose fabrics, linings, interfacings and construct hats. We will design and construct 2 hats – a cloche and beret. You may also work with 1940’s felt skirting for this class.

Prerequisite: Machine Sewing Skills

Millinery Design S100

Structured Fabric Hats – In this course, you will learn each step: Design possibilities, drafting the paper pattern, working with the buckram frame, covering in fabric and blocking the crown.

Prerequisite: B100

Millinery Class S101

Turbans – This is an advanced class, giving participants instruction on how to build a turban of their own design. Focus is on building the inner structure and shape, then draping the shape and securing.

Prerequisite: S100

Hat Class S102

Bridal – Fascinators and Trims – This course will focus on techniques for building and covering frames for hats as well as a focus on trims, including fabric flowers, feathers and ribbon work from the 1920’s.

Prerequisite: S100

Millinery Class S103

Braided Hats – This is an advanced course, giving participants instruction in working with braided straws, chenille or other types of braids for hats.

Prerequisite: B100

Millinery Design S104

Design Workshop – This is an advanced course, giving participants instruction and guidance in working on any project of their choice. Each participant will come to class with their own hat project to design and construct. Projects can include period hats – such as wire-frammed hats or bonnets, braided hats, theatrical head pieces, fascinators, bridal and more.

Prerequisite: B100, S100, P100 or Instructor Approval